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The Beagle’s New Menu


Teacher training has taken it’s toll. I rarely have time to talk to my family members, let alone write a blog post. So when The Beagle invited us to come down and try their new menu, I penned it in the diary “NIGHT OFF!’. They mentioned a ‘Calexican’ kinda flavour to the evening and the food on offer, and I think that just about sums it up. I got no work done that night, but I regret nothing… Even though I’ve cannot stop dreaming about the best chicken burger I’ve had in my life ever since!

They really looked after us, bringing us a couple of Margarita’s to help us relax into my big night off, and starting us off with a plate of four items from their Pick n Mix menu.


We tried deep fried pickles, sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters, crispy crumb chicken strips and homeslice fried courgette ‘wings’. The courgette was the most surprising. Not sure it any longer counted towards my 5 a day but it was a damn sight more delicious for being coated in a light, crunchy batter. Would most definitely order these and the chicken again as a starter or little snack when I’ve had a few pints.


We had been told that we could choose a main course from the menu, so we were expecting that next, but what showed up was even better. A taco interlude! The selection included Baja Fish, Korean Tofu, Carne Asada and a Popcorn Shrimp lettuce cup. I don’t really eat fish, so my other half tried the shrimp and Baja Fish – I think the latter was her big hit of the night. I loved the steak on the Carne Asada, but I couldn’t get on board with the tofu. The flavour was good, so I’m sure if you were a fan of tofu this would be a great option, but I’m not quite there yet with tofu.

IMG_6081My girlfriend had some nachos and thought they were delicious, yada yada yada. That’s all very nice, but what I want to tell you about is this chicken burger. I’m not normally a fan of chicken burgers, but the Inglewood sounded simple and delicious, which was just what I wanted in the moment.


I cannot stop thinking about this burger. It was the best I’ve ever had in my whole life. The bun was as light as air (none of this brioche bullshit places are trying to fob us off with these days), and the burger was a full chicken breast coated in the most crunchy, flavoursome breadcrumbs. At one point I said “I’m gonna have a baby” because I didn’t quite know how to describe how good it tasted. I never said I was a food blogger!!

I think the new menu is just what the place needed to be honest. I wasn’t that keen on the food the last time I was there, and now I genuinely cannot wait to go back. We had a fantastic night and I was truly grateful for a welcome treat.

Yakisoba Chorlton


Thought we’d share a few pics and thoughts on our visit to Yakisoba on Barlow Moor Road. It was such a great experience and we are left feeling, yet again, so lucky to have another option for amazing food within a few minutes walk.

Everyone I had asked said the food was great, but no one mentioned the enormous portion sizes! I’m not complaining, but we just would have shared a starter had we known. As it was, my other half ordered Pork Siu Mai (pork, prawn and vegetable steamed dumplings)


and I ordered Chicken Spring Rolls. Massive portions of both, but both totally gorgeous, so we ate them all.


We both got Bento boxes with our main courses. I thought this was really cute and there were lots of really tasty nibbles in it, (we especially loved the chilli prawn crackers and cashew nuts) but the salad was a bit of a non event. Naturally, we saved the fruit until after, and this took the edge off my very sweet tooth and meant I didn’t need a dessert.


Main courses were Fillet Beef and Black Bean Lomen and Chhicken Noodle Soup.

The service was very quick, and we thought it was excellent value for money. Not least because we had enough left for lunch the next day!