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The Beagle’s New Menu


Teacher training has taken it’s toll. I rarely have time to talk to my family members, let alone write a blog post. So when The Beagle invited us to come down and try their new menu, I penned it in the diary “NIGHT OFF!’. They mentioned a ‘Calexican’ kinda flavour to the evening and the food on offer, and I think that just about sums it up. I got no work done that night, but I regret nothing… Even though I’ve cannot stop dreaming about the best chicken burger I’ve had in my life ever since!

They really looked after us, bringing us a couple of Margarita’s to help us relax into my big night off, and starting us off with a plate of four items from their Pick n Mix menu.


We tried deep fried pickles, sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters, crispy crumb chicken strips and homeslice fried courgette ‘wings’. The courgette was the most surprising. Not sure it any longer counted towards my 5 a day but it was a damn sight more delicious for being coated in a light, crunchy batter. Would most definitely order these and the chicken again as a starter or little snack when I’ve had a few pints.


We had been told that we could choose a main course from the menu, so we were expecting that next, but what showed up was even better. A taco interlude! The selection included Baja Fish, Korean Tofu, Carne Asada and a Popcorn Shrimp lettuce cup. I don’t really eat fish, so my other half tried the shrimp and Baja Fish – I think the latter was her big hit of the night. I loved the steak on the Carne Asada, but I couldn’t get on board with the tofu. The flavour was good, so I’m sure if you were a fan of tofu this would be a great option, but I’m not quite there yet with tofu.

IMG_6081My girlfriend had some nachos and thought they were delicious, yada yada yada. That’s all very nice, but what I want to tell you about is this chicken burger. I’m not normally a fan of chicken burgers, but the Inglewood sounded simple and delicious, which was just what I wanted in the moment.


I cannot stop thinking about this burger. It was the best I’ve ever had in my whole life. The bun was as light as air (none of this brioche bullshit places are trying to fob us off with these days), and the burger was a full chicken breast coated in the most crunchy, flavoursome breadcrumbs. At one point I said “I’m gonna have a baby” because I didn’t quite know how to describe how good it tasted. I never said I was a food blogger!!

I think the new menu is just what the place needed to be honest. I wasn’t that keen on the food the last time I was there, and now I genuinely cannot wait to go back. We had a fantastic night and I was truly grateful for a welcome treat.

Jellytots and Dollymixtures Cupcakes – Chorlton


I received a very welcome email last night from the people at Jellytots and Dollymixtures, letting me know they were opening a shop right here in Chorlton and to come along for free samples and a glass of fizz at 11am. Well, you don’t need to tell me twice!

IMG_3140If you haven’t heard of the company, let me tell you they have an excellent reputation. They already have one shop in Sale and are stocked in places like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. This new shop is on Railway Terrace in Chorlton (past the Unicorn and towards Upper Chorlton Road).

We’ve made and sold a few cupcakes in our time, so can often be disappointed by the quality in some shops, but I’m pleased to say this measure up to our high standards. We tried a few of the mini cupcakes and both decided that our absolute favourite was sticky toffee pudding. That’s right. You heard me. Sticky toffee pudding cupcake.


What I like most about this place is that they keep things pretty simple. They look really impressive but aren’t over the top and they have quite a few interesting flavours.They do what they do really well, and for a reasonable price. And it was that reasonable price that meant we ended up buying a box of six to share with our friends (truthfully, we shall be keeping them all to ourselves and sampling them while watching trashy tv tonight).

IMG_3143 IMG_3135

I wish them every success and would definitely recommend you go and give them a try.

Zaytoon – Lebanese Cuisine


You might remember when we tried to visit Zaytoon back in August…

We were disappointed as my other half had brought her parents, who had been dying to try Lebanese food. But it with such a sweet sign in place on the door it would have been impossible to be angry at them!

Last week I noticed that Zaytoon was in the number one spot for restaurants in Chorlton on trip advisor,  so when the in-laws offered to take us out for dinner on Monday we suggested giving it another go.

We had a very warm welcome from someone I think must have been George and the waitress there. Straight away they made us feel like nothing was too much trouble, and listed off some interesting sounding specials. We love having a lot of starters to share, so we ordered the first 5 on the menu and the halloumi from the started specials. George came out of the kitchen to tell us the portions were quite generous and that we got some of the things we had ordered along with our main course anyway, so perhaps we should consider losing one of them. I thought that was really kind. So many times I’ve been to restaurants like this and ordered separate hummus, only to find lots on my main course. I often wish people would be honest about that kind of thing.

photo 1

Halloumi starter

Everyone enjoyed the starters immensely. My only slight criticism is that I didn’t enjoy the pitta bread very much. It wasn’t home made, which is fair enough, but I’m one of those weird people who would be just as happy to eat pitta and hummus all night as anything else. So I tend to go back time and time again to places where the bread is really tasty!

photo 2


zaytoon chorlton

kafta kebab

photo 3

Lamb liver


photo 4

Chicken Kebab


We all really enjoyed our starters – I found the chicken kebabs juicy and delicious, but hardly had any room to eat much of the salad. My other half said it was her favourite part and finished my salad too because it was so good. Apologies for the photo quality on the lambs liver, but I just wanted you to see the portion size. (Enormous – if you can’t tell).  Some was taken home to have for lunch the next day.

The bill came to £78 for 4 of us, and we had all had alcohol, so I can hardly fault it. The decor is simple and the focus is clearly on good food, which we really enjoyed, but the best thing about the place is the people.

You can read a proper foodie review from Licking The Plate Again here.



May – Round Up – feat. Jasmine restaurant.


Just got a couple of things to share with you about what we have been up to and what’s going on in Chorlton over the coming weeks.

We recently tried Jasmine on Barlow Moor Road. Some of our friends tried it and compared it to Aladdin in Withington, so we were sold! Describing itself as an Arabic restaurant, take away and cafe they have a huge menu of Arabic, Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine.




I’ll leave it to the proper food bloggers to give you more info, but I will say we thoroughly enjoyed it. The service was attentive, we liked everything we tried and the BYOB made it excellent value. The portion sizes were quite large, so we ordered a bit too much, and there is a lot of delicious bread with everything, so you are going to be very full (and happy) if you eat here. The decor is a bit beige, but the atmosphere was quite lively. Perhaps that was because they had a hen party in!

I’m sure you have lots of things pencilled in to your diary over the Chorlton Arts Festival, but if  you are free on Sunday check out The Afternoon Sessions at Proof, featuring the fabulous Ordsall Singers. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this a capella group many times, as they can often be found performing in the foyer at The Lowry or at Victoria Baths. They sing what I can only describe as really fun songs, that will have you wanting to join in and humming them for the rest of the day. It’s free and I guarantee will put a smile on your face!

We have come to expect great things from The Edge theatre, and their half term offering looks to bring more quality performances direct to Chorlton. They also have a really good offer, with a 3 family shows for just £16.50, or £10.50 for concessions. Who can resist shows as cute as The Tap Dancing Mermaid?! Find out more about the offer and the performances.

Have a very merry bank holiday!

Chorlton Pub Quizzes: The Lloyds



Todays post is the first in my pub quiz series. I’m going to try and attend all the pub quizzes that take place in the coming months and give you my verdict on them. 

First up is The Lloyds. I was really keen to try this one out as it is a smartphone quiz. You can read more about these types of quizzes here, but basically you answer on your phone using an keypad and there is only a very short amount of time to answer, minimising the chance for cheating. 



You will normally have to select the letter the answer begins with or a number on the keypad, but some are multiple choice. The first week we attended we enjoyed it very much, as there was a good mix of questions, but we thought that it was let down a little by one particular round. It was basically a guessing round and was 30 points per answer, meaning people who were not very good at quizzes could take a wild guess and still have a chance to win the whole thing. We weren’t so keen on this to be honest, as it let other people over take us when we had been in the lead all night. But we still managed to come second and enjoyed lots of the other rounds. Second prize was a bottle of wine of 4 pints and I think 1st prize is £20 towards a food and drinks bill. Not bad prizes considering there is no charge to enter.


The second week we attended it was hosted by a different guy, who was no where near as professional and the whole thing took a lot longer and just didn’t seem as slick. It didn’t help that he had seriously offended one of our group at the start of the night, but the whole evening was just not as enjoyable. There were far too many photo questions and just not enough variety. This second bloke confirmed he will be doing the quiz every Wednesday from now on. I think they also have one on a Saturday, so I would be interested to find out if the first guy hosted that, as I would definitely go again to his.

As for the atmosphere in The Lloyds, there were about 6 teams each week and some teams I know from other quizzes, but I think it would benefit from a few more groups. The place is still very new and bright and I think it just needs wearing in a little and perhaps the lights need dimming a bit as the evening goes on. Some of the other customers this week were among the drunkest people I’ve seen in a long while! But they were funny rather than annoying. If I had been sat closer it might have been another story!

We had a bite to eat beforehand this time and the food was just ok. We all had burgers as they are buy one, get one half price on Wednesdays. The food took a while and the bun was stale but the actual burgers and fries were all tasty enough for pub grub. 

This was the Chrysler Burger. I didn’t know it had a mini burger on top when I ordered and thought it was a bit odd, but my friend enjoyed trying it as she had chosen a chicken burger with halloumi. There was no way I could have eaten them both!

So it’s a bit of a mixed review for The Lloyds. I would definitely recommend trying it though, even if just for the novelty of the smartphone element. It was a lot of fun and with a few drinks in us, tons of laughter.

January Round Up


Hi everyone,

January has been extraordinarily busy for us so we haven’t had much chance to share things on the blog, so I thought I’d give you a quick update.

It was my birthday earlier in the month and decided to stay local for my celebrations this time. Eight of my friends and I headed to Yaki Soba for a meal then to De Nada for drinks and playing cards. It was a near prefect night. The next day my family came over and we all went to Arian for more food. I think trying Persian food was a first for my gran, but we all hugely enjoyed it and left feeling full and content.

Being bring your own booze means Arian is perfect for larger groups and celebrations, so I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.

We visited both markets this month – the ones on Manchester Road and outside the Horse and Jockey. The best purchase this time has to be Dough It Yourself pizza bases and sauce. The deal is 2 bases and a sauce for a fiver, which makes for a great value meal for a family, especially if you have some things in the fridge already that will make good toppings.

IMG_0714 IMG_1057

We went for spinach, goats cheese and peppers which was delicious. You can find these at the markets most months but also in Epicerie Ludo.

Other food bargains this month included a trip to The Lead Station, who had 50% off food week nights in January. We took full advantage with Sirloin Steak and Moules Frites, which made for a great payday treat.



IMG_1068We also took our friend to Tea Hive for cake, as we haven’t been in ages. It’s so disappointing when you can’t get a table here, so we booked in advance this time. Their cake is amongst my favourite for a few reasons. Not only is it very well baked, but the portion sizes are great and they are always trying new flavour combinations. I’m not into tiny, fancy afternoon teas…. I like a good wedge of delicious cake!

On Thursday we went to see a new play called Project XXX at The Edge. It was starting it’s tour right here in Chorlton before going on to some other pretty high profile theatres in the North West. I’ve said it before, but we are so lucky to have this facility nearby. The place is so very welcoming and the staff are working very hard to make it a success. I was pleased to see that the theatre was busy and that the play was of a very high standard, which all made for a very enjoyable night out. We left the theatre, as usual, feeling very lucky to live where we live.