We are 2 of Chorlton’s biggest fans – we love shopping, eating, socialising locally and basically enjoying everything the area has to offer.

We live now live close by to Chorlton, after living right in the heart of it for the last 3 years.

We love to chat about Chorlton, so get in touch at sochorlton@hotmail.com. PR friendly and open to reviews.

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  1. Great blog, I stumbled across this looking for a review on Sher Akbar, I lived around manchester all my life and spent a lot of them days in Whalley Range and Chorlton 🙂 Sher Akbar was a restaurant before called Princess of Hearts (Indian) and it was lovely but very out dated and quite. We were sad to see it go but glad to see another restaurant in its place.

    You probably know these places by now but I would recommend beach road bakery and fish and chip shop. Frost butcher for meat, Unicorn for fruit/veg and Jam street cafe on Upper Chorlton Road, very much a greasy spoon but there breakfast are delicious.

    Chorlton has changed a lot over the pass few years so its good to see reviews on all the new places.


  2. Hi

    One of my favourite places is Coffee n Chocolate opposite the Lloyds pub, which does great paninis for a very reasonable price. Big plateful of salad with it. Friendly atmosphere and a sofa in the window if you can get it. Unfortunately the chocolate side of things has been undercut by the one next to Oxfam, which is part of a chain…

    Electik bar do a bazzing sausage (meat or veggie) and mash – a choice of four different kinds of mash.. I recommend the champ..



  3. Do come along and try our South Manchester Cricket Club in Chorlton. Great prices and fantastic outdoor space in which to enjoy a nice cold beer on a sunny afternoon.

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