Monthly Archives: April 2015

Dogs day out



This morning my parents visited and brought the dogs over with them, so we thought we would take them out for a little stroll round the water park. I’m sorry if the dogs terrorised you or your family members! They were chasing geese, dragging around huge sticks and diving into the water, then going up to people and shaking water all over them. They are an embarrassment.

Afterwards we wanted to get some lunch, but it needed to be dog friendly. I would have suggested The Beagle, but the dogs were soaked, so we needed to sit outside. There was plenty of space outside The Horse and Jockey, and we haven’t been for years, so we gave it a go.


I’ve only eaten there a handful of times but when I have, people on social media have given me a hard time about it; like I’ve committed some faux pas by going to one of the most popular places in Chorlton! I don’t get it! I’ve always found the food to be pretty decent. I have to say, there was a period of time a while back when I thought the menu was a little overpriced and not really to my taste, so we just didn’t go there, but today the food and the service were absolutely fantastic.



Their menu at the moment is much more simple, good pub food, so it was easy to find 3 or 4 things I liked the sound of. We all had things from the sandwiches section of the menu, so they ranged from about £5-7 a dish, which is superb value considering they all came with fries and the generous portion sizes. The fish finger sandwich was actually three huge pieces of fish in batter, which my parents loved, and I hugely enjoyed the quesadilla.

That outdoor terrace is a prime spot for meeting and chatting to other dog owners. It took us about half an hour to leave, as we had to stop and chat to everyone we met. It was such a friendly atmosphere, we all said we would do exactly the same again in a few weeks time.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you, the dogs had a few chips. They thought they were delicious.