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May – Round Up – feat. Jasmine restaurant.


Just got a couple of things to share with you about what we have been up to and what’s going on in Chorlton over the coming weeks.

We recently tried Jasmine on Barlow Moor Road. Some of our friends tried it and compared it to Aladdin in Withington, so we were sold! Describing itself as an Arabic restaurant, take away and cafe they have a huge menu of Arabic, Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine.




I’ll leave it to the proper food bloggers to give you more info, but I will say we thoroughly enjoyed it. The service was attentive, we liked everything we tried and the BYOB made it excellent value. The portion sizes were quite large, so we ordered a bit too much, and there is a lot of delicious bread with everything, so you are going to be very full (and happy) if you eat here. The decor is a bit beige, but the atmosphere was quite lively. Perhaps that was because they had a hen party in!

I’m sure you have lots of things pencilled in to your diary over the Chorlton Arts Festival, but if  you are free on Sunday check out The Afternoon Sessions at Proof, featuring the fabulous Ordsall Singers. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this a capella group many times, as they can often be found performing in the foyer at The Lowry or at Victoria Baths. They sing what I can only describe as really fun songs, that will have you wanting to join in and humming them for the rest of the day. It’s free and I guarantee will put a smile on your face!

We have come to expect great things from The Edge theatre, and their half term offering looks to bring more quality performances direct to Chorlton. They also have a really good offer, with a 3 family shows for just £16.50, or £10.50 for concessions. Who can resist shows as cute as The Tap Dancing Mermaid?! Find out more about the offer and the performances.

Have a very merry bank holiday!

Leaving Chorlton… but not going far!


It feels like a few months since we moved to Chorlton, but it’s actually almost been 3 years. It’s been so much fun and the best move we have ever made. I love living here and feel like there is still so much to see/do/try. So we were very sad when our landlady got in touch and said she was selling the flat. We were thinking about buying in a couple of years time, as I’m about to change careers, so it’s just not the right time for us to buy right now.

So the hunt was on for a place to rent in Chorlton, but if we were going to move we wanted a bit more space and a garden, so decided that we needed a house rather than a flat. We are also quite picky in the respect that we don’t like to rent from agencies, as we have had bad experiences in the past and cannot really see why you should have to pay them money every time you decide you want to stay for another 6 months. We found our last place on Gumtree, so we checked there and found a great place near Chortlon Green. It was a fair bit more than our rent now, but it was a reasonable sized house in a great location. I took all of 20 minutes to make a decision, but by that time the place had been snapped up! We were sad but resolved to look again for a house. I looked at a few in the Chorlton Green area, but to be honest, they weren’t much bigger than our flat and not all of them had yards, so we started to get a bit worried. Everywhere seemed to be through an agency too.

We began to think about areas near Chorlton next, looking at Stretford, Whalley and Old Trafford, and it was here that we found the perfect place. A 3 bedroom place with a big garden for the same price as our tiny flat was too good to turn down. It’s not far from Upper Chorlton Road, so we are still within walking distance of all our usual haunts.

I jokingly posted on twitter that we would have to start telling everyone we lived in Upper Chorlton or Chorlton Borders, which prompted someone to tell me to stop being such a snob! This made me laugh a lot, because anyone who knows me would know I’m the least likely snob! I’m sure Old Trafford will be a fantastic move for us, as it’s a gorgeous house on a very friendly street… and it’s literally a ten minute walk from our current flat! All being well, if the checks are all fine, we will be moving over the summer (fingers crossed). But I genuinely will be sad not to officially live in Chorlton any more. There is a certain pride to having an M21 postcode purely because we have such a great community. I’m definitely proud of that and playing my own small part in it. I take the piss out of the place a fair bit, because you see such characters and it never ceases to amaze me. I suppose if being happy about that and preferring to live here (rather than anywhere else I have so far) makes me a snob, then so be it. I’m a Chorlton snob!

It’s not the end for So Chorlton. I enjoy finding things to write about on this blog and I get lots of messages from people who are new to the area and have found helpful information from my posts. Besides, we are just down the road… maybe I’ll rename it Almost Chorlton?!