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Chorlton Pub Quizzes: The Lloyds



Todays post is the first in my pub quiz series. I’m going to try and attend all the pub quizzes that take place in the coming months and give you my verdict on them. 

First up is The Lloyds. I was really keen to try this one out as it is a smartphone quiz. You can read more about these types of quizzes here, but basically you answer on your phone using an keypad and there is only a very short amount of time to answer, minimising the chance for cheating. 



You will normally have to select the letter the answer begins with or a number on the keypad, but some are multiple choice. The first week we attended we enjoyed it very much, as there was a good mix of questions, but we thought that it was let down a little by one particular round. It was basically a guessing round and was 30 points per answer, meaning people who were not very good at quizzes could take a wild guess and still have a chance to win the whole thing. We weren’t so keen on this to be honest, as it let other people over take us when we had been in the lead all night. But we still managed to come second and enjoyed lots of the other rounds. Second prize was a bottle of wine of 4 pints and I think 1st prize is £20 towards a food and drinks bill. Not bad prizes considering there is no charge to enter.


The second week we attended it was hosted by a different guy, who was no where near as professional and the whole thing took a lot longer and just didn’t seem as slick. It didn’t help that he had seriously offended one of our group at the start of the night, but the whole evening was just not as enjoyable. There were far too many photo questions and just not enough variety. This second bloke confirmed he will be doing the quiz every Wednesday from now on. I think they also have one on a Saturday, so I would be interested to find out if the first guy hosted that, as I would definitely go again to his.

As for the atmosphere in The Lloyds, there were about 6 teams each week and some teams I know from other quizzes, but I think it would benefit from a few more groups. The place is still very new and bright and I think it just needs wearing in a little and perhaps the lights need dimming a bit as the evening goes on. Some of the other customers this week were among the drunkest people I’ve seen in a long while! But they were funny rather than annoying. If I had been sat closer it might have been another story!

We had a bite to eat beforehand this time and the food was just ok. We all had burgers as they are buy one, get one half price on Wednesdays. The food took a while and the bun was stale but the actual burgers and fries were all tasty enough for pub grub. 

This was the Chrysler Burger. I didn’t know it had a mini burger on top when I ordered and thought it was a bit odd, but my friend enjoyed trying it as she had chosen a chicken burger with halloumi. There was no way I could have eaten them both!

So it’s a bit of a mixed review for The Lloyds. I would definitely recommend trying it though, even if just for the novelty of the smartphone element. It was a lot of fun and with a few drinks in us, tons of laughter.