A sunny day at the waterpark


Just thought I’d share a few pics I took at the water park  today. What a gorgeous day it was!

We decided to take our lunch with us and go for a little stroll. I always forget how lovely it is there. Very easy to forget you are 15 minutes from the city centre. We haven’t got a dog, but we are very broody for one, so we love seeing all the dogs out for walks and taking a dip in the water.

IMG_1086The dogs were paying absolutely no notice to the signs…


IMG_1091We stopped to people watch and enjoy a picnic – steaming hot noodles from a flask and some cake we made last night.



IMG_1115Although is was gloriously sunny today, there was still a lot of mud, so we washed off our Dr Martens wellies in the water.

IMG_1127We had brought some change in case the ice cream van was there, but we were so full of cake we didn’t bother. But I do love the little coffee van near the car park. Wouldn’t be Chorlton without those someone selling coffee!


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