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Weekend Round Up: Chorlton Art Market & Rapture Club Night


Hi everyone. We tried a couple of new things this weekend that we wanted to let you know about. First off was the Chorlton Art Market . After a campaign on kickstarter, the market opened for the first time yesterday. There was music, about 20 stalls, food and a great atmosphere. Now I didn’t get the details of all the stall holders, as the heavens opened and I headed home. But I did have chance to take a fair few photos. I recognised a few of the people too – including Artist on a Bike.
IMG_9360 IMG_9361 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9367 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9371 IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9374Huge congratulations to all involved and long may the Chorlton Art Market continue.

Last night we decided to try out Rapture Club Night. Our friend has been going for a long time and pestered us to come along, but I’ve been a bit reluctant. It describes itself as a Women Centred club night for queer folk and their friends, which sounds great to me, but it’s based at The Carlton Club in Whalley Range.  I’d heard this wasn’t the nicest of venues, but decided to give it a go.

They were having a Halloween theme last night and I love Halloween, so it seemed like the perfect time to try it. The venue is fine actually – big dance floor, very cheap drinks and friendly staff. There is a very diverse clientele, meaning that everyone can feel comfortable and it’s probably the least pretentious night I’ve ever been to. There was also a really wide variety of music and the dance floor was full all night. We had a fantastic time and our group hardly sat down!  It was very like being at someone house party and everyone seemed to know everyone else, but that didn’t bother us as they were all very friendly people. I think we would go again as we could really relax there, so I’m pleased to say it worked out.