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Halloween celebrations in Chorlton


We have had the most fantastic day celebrating Halloween. First off, the lovely people at The Edge invited us to watch some storytelling with Taffy Thomas, the storytelling laureate.

It was a great morning, as Taffy told stories and posed riddles, that got all the children in the audience involved. There are still some more events with the storyteller coming up this week – I highly recommend them.

Next up was the Kids vs Dogs halloween pageant at The Horse and Jockey. They had done a fantastic job organising it and there was a great turn out of kids and dogs. The kids were all very cute, but to be honest, we were there to see the dogs!



IMG_9214 IMG_9216 IMG_9220 IMG_9264

So many worthy competitors… but my own personal faves were Freddie and Jason!

IMG_9194 IMG_9266Seeing them made my weekend a perfect one. Thanks so much to The Horse and Jockey and The Edge for a brilliant day!

Win tickets to a family storytelling event in this half term!


The lovely people at The Edge have given us 5 pairs of tickets to give away for The Tale Coat with the storytelling laureate Taffy Thomas on Monday, 1.30pm.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Taffy perform before at the storytellers garden in Grasmere. It was a magical experience that I will never forget! So I was really excited to find out he will be right here in Chorlton. His ability to entertain children and adults has earned him more awards just this month, including ‘outstanding storytelling performance’ at The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence!
Find out more about the event – – then to enter just tell us which Chorlton church The Edge is in the grounds of.

Leave your answer in the comments below. Winners will be chosen at 4pm Sat 26 October.

Good luck!

New vintage/retro shop: In The Middle


As I was walking home today a new shop caught my eye. It’s called In the Middle and is situated on Railway Terrace, just next to where Moroccana used to be.
IMG_8946From a distance, I wasn’t sure if this was just going to be another shop selling slightly twee things and calling them vintage. Then as I got close up, I could see from the window displays that they do actually stock genuinely old stuff! Hooray!
IMG_8947The cups and saucers in this window grabbed my attention, and I noticed they were reasonably priced, so I went for a little look inside.
IMG_8940 IMG_8939 IMG_8937 IMG_8935It’s a true treasure trove, selling lots of vintage china and glassware. There were lots of cake stands that I wanted to take home! They have so much stock that I began to wonder how long they had been open – just 6 weeks apparently.
IMG_8943 IMG_8942They do also stock a few other bits and bobs, including jewellery that would have been snapped up if I had any cash on me at the time. Ooh, have I mentioned Wowie Zowie has the most amazing selection of jewellery. I hope this new place continues to add more things like this as they find them.

I love cute, vintage china and glasses, but I have a fairly modern flat, so not everything in here really matches with it. However, I think I could find a few 70’s pieces that would look at home here. Like I say, they have lots of stock so it’s definitely worth a wander to check it out.

The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre


Did you know Chorlton is home to a professional theatre? To be totally honest, I didn’t, until last week. I’d walked past The Edge Theatre on Manchester Road many times, and it had caught my interest, but I assumed it was just something to do with the church. How wrong I was.

Last week, I was invited to pay them a visit, have a look round and find out more about the place.

Situated in what used to be the Sunday School of Chorlton Methodist Church, The Edge describe themselves as a little theatre with big aspirations. The artistic director, Janine Waters, showed me around and explained that the theatre came about when it was being used a simple rehearsal space and they realised the potential of this huge building.
P1020938The building has a surprising amount of rooms to offer. For starters, there is a 70 seat theatre, which is totally flexible so performances can be on the stage or in the round. There are also studios where everything from Tai Chi to Life Drawing takes place, and lots of rooms that can be hired out. 


But it’s not really the building that is important here. It’s the broad range of activities and opportunities that The Edge is presenting to local people. To start with, they host productions from some of the best children’s theatre companies – the quality of which rivals the bigger professional theatres in Manchester. They also produce their own work, and have enjoyed critical acclaim. I think being able to walk down to your local theatre and see a professional production is not something all communities can boast, and now I know about it, I will be making the most of it.

There are various ways individuals and families can get more involved at The Edge too. It is home to an amateur theatre company, a youth theatre company and they also do lots of community theatre work. And on top of all that, there will be classes on everything from tap dancing to ukulele playing from January.


As you can see, there is lots going on already, but The Edge is set to expand it’s offering this week when it launches it’s free creative courses for unemployed people. These are 10 week courses in writing, singing and performance, designed to improve confidence, communication skills, emotional well-being and also just give people a chance to have a bit of fun in a relaxed environment. It’s not too late to sign up for these, so if you or anyone you know might be interested, just check out the website. You can sign up via phone or email.

I’ll be heading back to The Edge very soon, as I’m looking forward to seeing the story teller laureate, Taffy Thomas. He is hosting a whole story telling season there, which is going to be fantastic. There is so much more I could talk about, but I’ll let you find out about all the shows and activities they have coming up by pointing you in the direction of their website –