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Some days it’s just too nice to sit at home and blog, so today I’ve got my self settled on a table at De Nada (free wifi – win) to give you a quick update on what we have been up to. With the weather like this, and all the tasty food choices we have in the area, it’s really felt like we have been on a little mini-break somewhere sunny.

As usual, our activities have revolved around food and drink, so yesterday we met some friends at Font for cocktails. I’ve not been able to get enough Sailor Jerry Mojitos, but this week’s choice was Cherry Bakewell. Very ladylike until I realised how delicious it was and almost sank it in one go.
IMG_5932The Font has started serving food, so we are looking forward to trying that, but we were pretty sure our friends would love the food at De Nada, so we nipped there for some Sangria and delicious eats. I stuck to the Lomito Completo, but our friends tried a stew and some patatas bravas, which were apparently the best she had ever had.


I’ve only been a couple of times before, but after spending time there again this weekend, I really have to sing their praises. The menu is small, but everything is excellent, and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. Here’s hoping they have a very successful summer.

This morning (with slighly sore heads) we went out to get a few things and decided to stop for lunch. I remembered that people have been talking a fair bit on Twitter about the burgers at Morley Cheek’s having ‘the best burgers in Chorlton’ – big claims indeed. I think I judged this place a bit unfairly, thinking it wasn’t for me because it’s the sort of place that shows the match. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I just assumed it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Anyway, we decided to check it out. The menu board outside made me a fan straight away. This is exactly the kind of stuff I like!
IMG_5948We didn’t realise they had a nice decked area at the back, so were happy to catch a little sunshine, eat some food and recover. The burgers sound fantastic, but we decided to save those for a day when we were really hungry! Also, resisting pulled pork is quite tricky. so we ended up with a hotdog and some seasoned fries with cheese and pulled pork to share.


I think they were great value for a really generous portion – excellent spot for a hangover lunch! We will definitely be back to try those burgers soon.

I had a negative comment on here some time ago from someone who lived just outside of Chorlton, telling me how self-satisfied I am. It didn’t bother me one bit, but I haven’t forgotten it because it was pretty funny. Well, if self-satisfied is wrong, I don’t wanna be right – it’s been one of those weekends that makes me very glad to be here!