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What we’ve been up to (mostly drinking in Font)


Hi everyone. Just thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to lately. To be totally honest with you, we have been spending a lot of time (too much) at Font ever since it opened. We moved here just before Iguana closed and we were really sad about it – we missed the open mic nights (there were some seriously ‘interesting’ people performing there each week, including some of our friends!), the character of the place and we even missed the questionable late night music at the weekends. I hoped it would re-open, but as the months went on we just hoped SOMETHING/ANYTHING would open there! I’ve never been to Font in town, but we had heard about their cheap cocktails and we were definitely not opposed to having something similar nearby.

IMG_5349We went down there on the second day after they opened, and quickly found a favourite spot in there and a favourite cocktail (It’s all about Sailor Jerry Mojitos – although I’ve tasted the zombies and would have to recommend them if you are on a ‘get drunk quick’ mission)

IMG_5351I think it was a good move to get the doors open before the bank holiday, and the place was packed every night. I was well aware the staff were all very new, and I don’t mind being patient, but some other people were not so happy to wait. We heard a few gripes about the time it took to make cocktails, but by the end of the weekend the newbies were all whipping the cocktails up like experts. Everyone has to learn, and they were always taking care and attention. I’d rather that than rushed drinks that taste rubbish.


We have been to lots of friendly bars and pubs in Chorlton, but for some reason this one feels like ours. Friendly staff, great drinks prices and a really mixed clientele. I hope it’s going to be a great success.


The mornings after seemed like a great time to continue our quest to find the perfect cooked breakfast in Chorlton. Next stop was Oddest. IMG_5339We’ve been for a few drinks there before but never had anything to eat…It must have been good because we went back again today. Something I did notice was how many families were in there on a Sunday as every table had a child with them, except us. Of course, it’s not a negative, it’s just something I’d bear in mind. The first time we went with a big group of us and a bad hangover. Those things plus lots of children… it wasn’t really a good  combo!

See you around!