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Blown away by The Beagle


While waiting for a casserole to cook this evening, we popped out for a pint. There is one place we kept meaning to try, but had just never got round to it… The Beagle.


I’m sure lots of you have already been. We are very slow off the mark on this one. But if not, we just wanted to tell you to believe the hype! They seem to be on top of their game in every single area. The decor is simple, but they have branded everything beautifully…IMG_4161


…even the sign for the toilets!


I’ve been told the food is excellent and we were certainly impressed by just nipping there for a pint! When we went to the bar we were my partner said she would try a pint of one of the guest ales (Tea, I think?). In half a second there was a little glass full on the bar, with a good glug for her to try. We hadn’t expected it, as she just meant she would buy a pint and see how it went. We haven’t been drinking in the right places! The barman asked if there was anything else we wanted to try and didn’t rush us while we were pondering for ages. It felt really good to be made so welcome.


The restaurant area is gorgeous…


and check out the table in this cosy little snug!


If our tea hadn’t been in the oven, we would have been sorely tempted to stay and eat. We’ll definitely be giving it a try very soon, but I’m if you want to know what to expect, look no further than the lovely Good Gobble Blog review.

So what do you think of the place?