Monthly Archives: November 2012

Lately in Chorlton…


It’s been a busy month for us, filled with plenty of great food and experiences in Chorlton. What with the fireworks at The Horse and Jockey, the Man vs. Sausage competition at The Barbakan and the opening of The Beagle it’s been a very lively month from one end of Chorlton to the other.

We also sampled Tea Hive’s evening meals a couple of weeks ago as they are currently open late night on Thursdays. The deal is a delicious meal with cake and wine for £12.99. The night that we went along Lasagna was on the menu, and a better, more homely lasagna I have yet to try.


They also have a great selection of hampers for Christmas. We will be making our own this year, but if you haven’t got time time I’d recommend these. They are really good value and there are lots too choose from so something to suit most budgets.


The market on Manchester Road this weekend was one of the best yet. We sampled so much cheese, pizza and cake. I’ve heard a lot about Trove Foods before, and judging by their stall on the market I think a trip to Levy might be on the cards. Look at these doughnuts!


The menu from Ginger’s Comfort Emporium (ice cream van to you and me!) looked especially tempting. I don’t think I should ever try Chorlton Crack. I know I’ll be hooked.


Fireworks, Fentimans and Epicerie Ludo


The good folk at the Horse and Jockey put on a few fireworks the other night…turned out it was a pretty popular do! We could hardly move as Chorlton Green was so packed with people. It was well worth turning up for though as there was a fantastic free display and a great atmosphere.

On our way home I wanted to grab a bottle of pop so nipped in the next open place we came across. Little did I know I’d wandered into Epicerie Ludo – which not only sells delicious Fentiman’s sodas but hundreds of other premium products, foods and treats. (By the way, I still dream about the Fentiman’s coke float I had in Sweet Tooth Cupcakery this summer)




I’m sure there isn’t much I can tell you that you can’t see on their own website, but I have to mention that visiting the actual shop is a treat in itself. The member of staff on the till was very chatty and helpful and the displays do exactly what they should…. Make you want to buy everything!



We spotted loads of things that will form parts of Christmas presents and special ingredients for things we will be making at home over the festive season. We plan to do 99% (or as close as we can get) of our shopping locally this year, purely because we want to enjoy the experience and get things that are really special rather than spending loads of lots a rubbish. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll let you know how it goes!