Monthly Archives: August 2012

Chorlton Water Park


I’m ashamed to say, until today we hadn’t been to Chorlton Water Park, despite hearing it was quite a nice place to go for a walk. So today we went down there (with a bit of a picnic) to see what there is to see.

With the sun beating down, plenty of fresh air and open space, we almost forgot we were in Manchester. We stopped to eat, and were wandering at a seriously slow pace, so it took us around an hour to get round. Other people were set up for the day there, either fishing or setting out a blanket with their families and relaxing. Lots of people though were running or riding their bikes, so we think it might be a nice place to go and get a bit of proper exercise next time. Makes a welcome change from the leisure centre.

Was also nice to see some gorgeous blue dragonflies and a few different butterflies while we were sat by the water. (Why is it so relaxing just to be near it?)

In these sort of places, there is always an ice cream van near the car park…. but there isn’t always a fairtrade coffee and milkshake van. Very nice too! It did make us chuckle though. Maybe there will come a time when I don’t notice these things, but at the moment we are still amused but pleased with lots of things we find in Chorlton! As for the ducks, we saw a little kid chucking a whole toastie loaf at them today. They weren’t impressed. Probably more used to bread from the Barbakan. Very fussy ducks in these parts!

So if it’s sunny tomorrow and you are looking for a literal breath of fresh air, get down there!