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Waffles Waffles Waffles at Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate


If you haven’t tried the waffles at Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate on Wilbraham Road, you really should! We discovered them last weekend and have been craving them ever since. Absolutely gorgeous.


Not only tasty, but also £3.50 for all this joy! Check out the breakfast waffle! I seriously recommend sharing this one.

I felt way too full after eating it. In fact I thought I’d never eat again… but I think I’m ready again now so will most likely be heading there for breakfast again this weekend.


Living in Chorlton – 1 year on.


Today is the anniversary of us moving to Chorlton. It’s been one of the best decisions we ever made, so I thought we’d share the top 5 things we love about being here.

5. Nights out in Chorlton

Since moving here we have had some great nights out drinking. We have enjoyed beautiful cocktails at Proof, proper beers in Pi and pottering around in search of the perfect pint on many occasions. Some of these nights have ended with shisha and long chats til the early hours, which somehow makes me feel like I’m on my holidays! Being able to step out the door and grab a drink locally whenever the fancy takes us has long been a dream of mine. Having so many good choices means we don’t have ‘local’ just yet because we are still trying out new places all the time.

4. Getting to know you

When we moved here I hadn’t thought about writing this blog, but I really glad I decided to do it. Chatting to friendly people, getting advice on where to go and about local services, and being able to help other people have just moved here are just some of the positives to come out of it. I never thought that I’d be chatting on twitter to almost all the owners of the shops near my house. I’ve found the people on Manchester Road especially lovely. It’s just the cherry on the cake.

3. Feed me now

We eat out way more than we should. Be it cafes for breakfast, Sunday lunches with the family or nipping out for the early bird menu at Croma. I should perhaps feel a bit guilty, but it adds such happiness to our lives, I just can’t. Highlights have to be Afternoon Tea at Tea Hive, breakfast at The Lead Station and tapas a Bar San Juan. But that’s just to name a few. It’s great to just go out on the spur of the moment and wander round until we decide where we want to go. Equally it makes us really proud to invite family and friends round and take them out to try our favourite places. It’s just a joy.

2. Local living


Until we lived in Chorlton, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t understand why it was important to shop locally. When your nearest shop is a Tesco express 20 minutes walk away, it’s difficult to understand the benefits of shopping in independent stores. I’d never really experienced it, and it wasn’t practical for us. I now ‘get it’. Totally. I could write reams and reams about the benefits… how it makes shopping about people again, how it makes you feel good, how everything tastes better, how convenient it is for us, how good it makes us feel. I do realise though that we are very lucky to live somewhere that makes this so easy, but I’m happy that by shopping in independent stores I’m part of the solution, not the problem.

1. It’s home

We have lived together for 7 years now and have never felt that we were where we wanted to be. As soon as I saw this place, I knew it was right. It’s the first time we’ve thought, yes, I’d like to buy a house here. And while it’s definitely not cheap, the quality of life we have means it’s worth every extra penny. We look at the schools and think, perhaps in ten years time we’d like to have children and send them there (perhaps!) and this thought has never really crossed our minds before. It’s just where we want to be.