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Summer Solstice at The Horse and Jockey


On Wednesday, The Horse and Jockey threw a bit of a Summer Solstice party on Chorlton Green! We wandered down there at around 9pm to check it out and to get a good spot for the highlight of the evening, the fire dance.

It was great to see so many people had turned out, with lots of people really getting into the spirit of things, dancing to the African drums and others sitting relaxing on the grass. They had a BBQ, face painting, tarot readers…. but as 9.50pm approached, the green began to really fill up for the main event.

We all gathered in a large circle, and torches were lit round the outside, ready for sunset. As it began to get dark, the show started.

There were stilt walkers, dancers, people fighting with what looked liked fire lightsabers and all sorts of other tricks. My favourite part however has to be when one of the performers set his trousers on fire and didn’t notice. Seeing people pointing and shouting ‘MATE! Your pants are on fire!’ is always good! But, other than that tiny hiccup, they were really excellent at what they were doing. Some of the stunts were scary stuff, while others just looked pretty.

I felt very lucky to be there, with a pint in my hand, enjoying an unexpectedly magical evening.


On to another important matter. While walking to the green, we came across this bunny, just chillin’ on York Road. On closer inspection, he was clearly a well loved best friend of someone. So I took, a quick pic, and tweeted to ask if anyone had lost a bunny.

It was re-tweeted a handful of times, but no one got in touch. Perhaps it belonged to someone at the solstice…? When we walked past again the next day, bunny was still there, and in a moment of madness, I picked him up. I knew he was going to get destroyed in the rain, and I didn’t want that. I thought if I brought him home I’d definitely be able to find the owner at some point. I’m not sure how I thought I’d do this.

I now think this was a mistake. I should have left him there in case his owner went back to get him. I have a heavy weight of responsibility on my shoulders and every time I see the bunny in my house I feel guilty. I am going to have to put some real thought in to how I can find the owner, so if there is anything you can do to help, give me a shout. I don’t want this on my conscience for all of eternity!