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Scott’s Hill Bar and Restaurant


We’ve been out for brunch today at one of our usual haunts, and when we went for a wander afterwards we noticed that Scott’s Hill is now open. I don’t really know how people felt about Charango, I’d only been there for a drink… perhaps I missed out. But I thought I’d pop my head in this new place today.

The outisde seating looks much the same, if now a little less bright. I like the look of the comfy sofa outside. I think I’d be very happy to plonk myself on that we a few pints one afternoon.

Inside is really smart now, and with a menu like this, I think we’ll be bringing our parents to try it out pretty soon.

The guy working there was more than happy for me to nosey round and take a few pics, so they win points already on the friendly-o-meter, and it looks from their twitter account (@scottshillchorl) like they are up for doing offers and interacting with people, both of which I’m keen on.

scott's hill chortlon bar

house music at scott's hill chorlton

The decor and menu seem a little bit in contrast to the events they are advertising but I definitely like the sound of it…I’m up for giving the food and an evening out there a try. Here’s hoping it can become one of my favourite places to hang out this summer.