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Sher Akbar – they had a bit of a rough night! Proof on the other hand….


We went to try Sher Akbar last night with high hopes and a spring in our step…. but it didn’t go so well! It’s very near our place, so as we wandered past, I nipped in to make a reservation for later on. They were very busy, but the gentleman on the door said 9.30 would be a good time, and he would see us then. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t want to take my name, but I wasn’t going to tell the man how to do his job, so we went off for a drink (more about that later).

We returned at 9.30 and the man was no where to be seen. Another staff memeber greeted us and said it would be a long wait for a table, because we weren’t booked in. I said I had spoken to someone who was going to hold a table for us, to which he replied ‘that’s not possible’. So that made me feel a bit stupid, and wasn’t the best welcome, but we decided to wait. Next, there were no clean glasses so we couldn’t order drinks at the bar. Then we waited 15 minutes to order. Another 15 minutes and our food arrived, but our drinks still hadn’t.

Now might be a good time to point out that the food was very good. But I was left feeling so irritated by everything else, that I can’t really say much about it. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience, and I’m 30 quid worse off for it. The staff were stressed, people were walking out, we saw 6 other people making complaints and it all just felt really awkward. They said they had just been blown away by how busy it was, and they clearly weren’t prepared, and they are very new so I want to be supportive, but my hard earned cash and time are precious to me and I wasted a fair bit of both last night! Perhaps I should give them another chance when they are settled in, but to be honest, I doubt I will. It’s not cosy enough for me. It looks flashy from the outside, and inside it’s very bright so the candles are pointless, and basically I’ve just not warmed to the place.

On a much happier note, we visited Proof last night for the first time. I’ve always wanted to go in, but it looks a bit daunting and now I’m really sorry that I’ve been missing out. They have a really interesting cocktail menu, with lots of things I have never tried before.

We were spoilt with gorgeous cocktails, excellent customer service and a nice chat with the staff. Their attention to detail with the drinks was really impressive, and the girl serving us was obviously really knowledgeable about all the ingredients and what was best to use. Seeing the effort put into the drinks made them all the more enjoyable. They also have offers on 2 for 1 cocktails regularly, so I think it’ll become one of my haunts this summer.

Simon Dunn Chocolatier


Simon Dunn Chocolatier opened today on  Wilbraham Road, right next to Oxfam, and I was very keen to try it out. Perhaps a little too keen as I was their very first customer! Simon Dunn has a chain of shops across quite a few different areas of the country and is a long established brand. I received a warm welcome ordered a hot chocolate, which came with very Harry Potter mini chocolate frog.



As they had literally just opened, the place isn’t fully stocked yet, but they did have a cabinet full of tempting handmade chocolates…

…and the beginnings of an amazing selection of gifts, inlcuding these chocolate boxes, lollies and chocolate champagne bottles.

The staff have got one thing spot on already though, creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, where I felt happy to just sit and read for a while. I’ll look forward to going back again.

New restaurant – Sher Akbar


While out on our little stroll this afternoon we noted some progress on the new restaurant on Manchester Road. This is a really large unit situated just next to Tesco, and it had become a bit of an eye sore because it was empty for so long. A few weeks ago we saw them dressing the tables inside, and today they were putting the signage up, so the opening must be pretty soon.

Now, I’m no detective, but this sign outside…


And this van parked nearby…


…lead me to believe that maybe, just maybe, it the new place is linked to the one in Northenden. Amazing powers of deduction… I know. I can’t find any reviews for Sher Akbar, so if anyone knows anything about it, do share. I have seen inside the place, and it looks a little OTT and flashy, but that’s not always a bad thing. Looking forward to trying it already.

Gem xx

ps. tried a huge piece of Raspberry and Amaretti Crunch Cake in Tea Hive today. Wowzer! We sat, ate, drank, and got a bit of work done.