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Happy Birthday Blossom


Blossom is 6 today, and to celebrate there is a free gift with every purchase! We had nipped in to buy some gorgeous orchids we had spotted outside and were given a bonus bunch of daffs. Even with this horrible weather today, we couldn’t help but feel cheered by their beautiful display.





Just wanted to share with you our experience of Arian last night. This small restaurant on Barlow Moor Road serves Iranian food, which I had never really tried before, but we were told it was quite similar to Greek cuisine. The choices on the menu all seemed quite familiar, with kebabs, houmous, falafels and various stews, it was really difficult to make a choice because it all sounded so good.


The portion sizes are really generous. To give you an idea, if there are 4 of you I’d probably recommend ordering 3 starters and sharing. They keep you supplied with flatbread for dipping and sharing, so it’s a sociable kind of meal you can get stuck into. I went for the stuffed pepper to start, which went particularly well with the bread.


I also got to try some of my friends starters, and the falafels, which I will definitely order when I go again. My main course was the house kebab, with 2 types of lamb and chicken, I struggled to finish it, but as it was so delicious I soldiered on! The meat was really well seasoned and tender and the rice was so tasty I’d have been happy with a bowl of just that!


Just to say a little bit about the service and experience at this point, it is very small, but that meant the service was excellent. There were ten in our party, and all our food arrived very quickly and together. The staff are friendly and will make every effort to make you comfortable. It does not have an alcohol licence, so you may bring your own, but I fell foul of the no mixer rule. My own fault really, but as I was drinking gin, I had brought tonic and was told that I couldn’t drink that as they sold soft drinks. Fortunately I had wine too. This makes for an amazing value meal. It came in at £13 per head including corkage and a service charge. We all thought it deserved more and paid accordingly. It’s on the other side of Chorlton from us, but we will be taking a stroll over there often I think. Give it a try!