Monthly Archives: November 2011

Chorlton Leisure Centre


It’s been a busy month or so since I last posted, and one of the things keeping me busy has been going to the gym. So I thought I’d share my thoughts so far on Chorlton Leisure Centre. Excercise to me is a chore rather than something I do for fun… so I’ll keep it very short and sweet!

I have never been a sporty person, so flashy gyms are wasted on me, and in reality, it’s going to be pretty pointless paying their high membership fees. I live very close to the leisure centre, so thought perhaps it might be worth a look round there. It wasn’t love at first sight, but with the affordable fees and the fact I can see the door from mine, I thought it might be worth joining.

I visit in a morning, as soon as the place opens, and I’m normally one of the first ones in. It’s nice and quiet at this time, always the same few people in the fitness suite, so I can get on whatever equipment I need to. There are about 4 treadmills and crosstrainers, a couple of bikes and rowing machines and an area with weights and strength training machines. If you were thinking about joining though, I would definitely visit at the time you will usually be going, as it is a totally different ball game in the evenings! The pool is quite busy in the mornings, but not enough to put me off. There are also squash courts and a large hall that seems to host a whole variety of activities. The circuit class in there seems to be hugely popular and it looks like so many people make for a great atmosphere. Another important factor for me is how easy the weights machines are to use. They don’t need adjusting or setting up, so you can just get on with it.

The facilities are basic, and the place could do with a bit of a face lift, but I’m finding it’s just what I needed. It has turned into another plus when it comes to living in Chorlton!

Gem xx