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That’s what shisha said!


We have been watching the space on Manchester Road near the library changing bit by bit since we moved in, and as work started in earnest on the place that used to be a shisha bar, we had our fingers crossed that it would be somewhere really exciting. So when the signs went up, and Mazzika opened, right next to the beautiful Tea Hive… well, I was a bit miffed. I looked and made a judgement based purely on the signage and the fact I couldn’t really see inside because it was dark.

To be totally honest, I didn’t think this place was for me. Thankfully, my friend wasn’t put off and had a peek round the place one day. She reported back that it looked really good and the people were friendly. So I was interested again. When we arrived on Friday night, the place looked a whole lot more lively, the outdoor heaters were on, the inside looked colourful and bright.

We sat outside and we were given a menu and told that it was £1 per person if you wanted to drink your own booze (they haven’t got an alcohol licence yet). It’s £7 for a single flavour and as there were quite a few of my friends buying them I got to try strawberry and cola flavoured, but my favourite was double apple. It tasted nothing like apple and totally like liquorice.

Throughout the evening we were really well looked after by the guy who worked there. He was opening bottles for us every 5 minutes, adding more coals and making silly jokes. This is the sort of thing that gets me on side and makes me want to go back. I hate places where you feel like you are inconveniencing the staff. He brought out a massive silver plate of Celebrations at one point, which was odd, but very welcome. Then later on he brought a couple of bowls of popcorn out.

I’m no expert on shisha, but I think this place is great. Really relaxed, comfortable and welcoming. Everyone was saying how nice it was just to hang out there, and there is a pool table which is a bonus, so I think we’ll be going again at some point. If you are into this sort of thing, your should definitely give it a try.

Gem x

ps. I have some much more healthy pursuits to blog about very soon.

My new ‘happy place’


I’m not going to lie, we have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Tea Hive on Manchester Road. Since trying their cakes at the markets, we have been looking forward to the shop being open. Today was the day and we headed down there, having been promised free tea and cake on the invite we had picked up.

I’m not a coffee drinker, so a place specialising in tea… well, I thought it would be just my cup of tea! The area the shop is situated was in bad need of some freshening up, so this little place is a very welcome addition to our locality. I’m sorry I didn’t have my proper camera with me, as these pictures just don’t do it justice, but the Tea Hive is stunning.

It has the kind of mismatched chairs and tables I expected and these all look really good together. It’s not been over done and the space is nice and comfortable. There are some cute little and also really big old dining tables that mean it wouldn’t be a problem coming with the whole family.

Moving on from just how pretty the whole place is, the selection of food and drinks are good. Obviously, the focus is on tea, and they have a really big selection. There is also a light meal menu, with fairly priced sandwiches and cakes. The Afternoon Tea is £12.95, which is a really good price, so we will be trying that for a treat some time soon.

We also were offered cakes, so tried the Victoria Sponge and a chocolate and raspberry cake. I don’t know much about much, but I know cake, and the chocolate cake was like a huge chunk of brownie. Very rich but very good.

I have fallen totally in love with this place. I can’t wait for the weather to get cold so I have an excuse to just sit in there and drink tea and read all afternoon. As with any new relationship, there always has to be an element of embarrassing yourself, and being a clumsy bugger, I dropped and smashed one of their gorgeous china plates! They were very nice about it, so I think we will be seeing each other again!