Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Chorlton Eatery


Everyone has dreams, and although it may seem a little silly, one of mine was to be able to wake up in the morning and stroll down to a cafe for breakfast.  Might not seem like much of a dream, but so far I’ve never lived near anywhere with a nice enough cafe. So, no pressure on The Chorlton Eatery then! Everytime we walked past it looked quite busy, so we had high hopes that this might be the place for the perfect English Breakfast. It scored very well with me indeed.

The breakfast usually comes with black pudding and mushrooms, but the waitress said I could swap them for other things, so I got extra sausage and bacon. It might not look fancy, but there is a fine art to a fry up, and this ticks a lot of the boxes. The sausages were flavourful and nothing was too greasy. The toast and butter was delicious. It looks like they cheated a bit with the egg, but it was runny, so job well done there. I’m definitely of the opinion that beans should be kept separate if possible, so I liked that too. My other half tried the Mediterranean Breakfast, which consisted of Turkish Sausages, scrambled eggs, feta, olives and halloumi. There was also half a small baguette and jam.

I didn’t get a look in at any of this, but apparently it was all excellent. It wasn’t exactly cheap at £14.00 for two of us, but because I enjoyed it so much, I think it was good value for money.  I’ve seen some other places serving breakfast round Beech Road etc, and I’m sure I will get round to trying them, but when it comes to a simple breakfast I think this place has got it right. Next time I have a hangover that needs a good kicking, I know where I will be heading to!

Midnight at the Oasis


The only bad thing about living in Chorlton…. we are way too close Oasis Ice Cream parlour. Even worse, it’s open til 1am! So if we have a late night craving for an ice cream or a milkshake, we can just nip out and get one. Last night was one of those nights.

This is a chocolate explosion sundae… but  with so many flavours to choose from, we opted for a scoop of mint choc chip in there and also a scoop of honeycomb. It was the absolute business! The staff in here are so friendly, I spend more time trying all the different flavours than actually eating the ice cream I end up ordering! I think this place is providing a really valuable community service. Late night, they are open and still serving cake, and providing a place for people to sit and get a a coffee. During the day, teenagers can sit and use the computers even if they are just buying some sweets. There are big tv’s with music videos on, and sofas where they can just hang out.

This is one of the many places in Chorlton that makes me feel like a big kid, or as if I’m on holiday. So much more fun than just buying a tub at the supermarket. Long may it continue.