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Farmers Market at The Horse and Jockey


So after a late night with friends and a few drinks, we weren’t up to doing very much today. Just after midday though, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, and as planned, we headed down to the farmers market.

The market had popped up this morning outside The Horse and Jockey, and although quite small, was perfectly formed. We enjoyed browsing, and sampling, the produce for the best part of an hour. There were the usual meat, cheese, fruit and veg stalls along with some beautiful cake stalls. I was delighted to see Ginger’s Comfort Emporium parked up at the end of the market. For those who haven’t seen this beautiful ice cream van around Manchester before, check out their menu. The flavours are very different to what you will see in most ice cream vans, which makes it all the more exciting! We also nibbled on some perfect shortbread biscuits on the way round, while we checked out the wonderful selection of food on offer. The market also extends into the pub itself, where the stalls are more of the crafty type. Lots of pretty things to look at and gifts galore.

Time for lunch.

With the lively atmosphere at The Horse and Jockey today, we weren’t keen to leave any time soon, so we decided to stay there for food. Not the sort of place we can go for lunch on a regular basis (my budget won’t always stretch to these burgers!) but definitely somewhere we’ll be going again. Things are rarely as good as they look, but this burger did not let me down. The cheese and bacon was a welcome addition to their classic burger.

When we could muster the strength to move, a quick peek behind the market revealed people enjoying the sunshine on the green. I’m sure I would have enjoyed my day anyway, but the weather certainly helped!

Gem xx

Croma loyalty card.


Since we moved here, we have had a lot of visitors. Family coming to check out or new place, friends coming to check out out new surroundings. So inevitably we have ended up looking for somewhere to take them, and we just keep going back to Croma! It’s friendly, simple and the food has not let us down so far.  The first time we visited we were given a loyalty card; visit five times and the next pizza is free. These cards normally just clutter up my purse, but it soon became clear we would actually be able to take advantage of this. The menu is pizza, pasta and salad, but there is a lot or variety. There is also a cocktail menu, which makes for a really nice treat.

So this evening, our main course was totally free. Fantastic. The result…. more money for gin and tonic!

New places, new people…


Since moving to Chorlton we have been surprised to find just how much there is to do and see here. So this is just a place to share our experiences. Every day since moving to Chorlton we have discovered some fantastic new place and today was no exception.

We have been watching the refurbishment of this building with growing excitement and it did not disappoint.  Craftelcious is a gorgeous craft cafe  and is now open. W e are so looking forward to taking some younger members of our family to visit. You can paint pots and get stuck into some decopatching while enjoying a cup of tea and a cake! Most importantly, the staff were so welcoming. They took the time to tell us about all the activities on offer, where the food they served was coming from and about all the different teas and juices. Just lovely!